Dr. Maneesha Sudheer Responds to Gail’s Allegations about Amma’s Family

Dr. maneeshaI have read Gail’s book and seen her TV interview on Kairali People. During the interview she alleged that my husband has built a big house through improperly obtained income. This is not true. All of our income has been obtained legally. Similarly, we also paid all the taxes on our house as well. My husband and I are correctly paying the income tax for all our annual income. Not only us, all of Amma’s family members are annually paying income tax for all their annual income. If at any time the Government of India were to audit us, there would be no issues at all. We are correctly following the rules and regulations and are running our households just like other law-abiding citizens.

Amma’s family members are not part of the Ashram’s trust. Neither are any of us involved in any of the accounting departments at the Ashram or at any of its institutions. Even when we go to AIMS (Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences), we pay fees for all healthcare services provided to us. We are not taking anything for free.

We have dedicated ourselves to Amma’s mission of service. My husband also earns income through his own fishing boats. We work hard and earn income and, at the same time, do seva. This is the same for all of Amma’s family members. All of Amma’s family members work hard and do seva. Whenever there is an opportunity for seva at the Ashram, we are at the forefront, just like any other devotees or renunciates.

Dr. Maneesha Sudheer

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  1. Amma welcomes every human beings on this earth exactly like a ‘biological’ mother does to her children..so all get a chance to study about amma & her deeds if you are interested, approaching her directly irrespective of whatever amd whomever you are…instead, if anybody attempts to ridicule her deliberately, PLEASE REMEMBER THAT SHE WILL ONLY KEEP PRAYING FOR YOUR WELL- BEING …wheather you like it or not…wheather you use foul words at her or moke her……
    (Storm cannot be stopped with a plastic mat or coir mat..like wise is your attempt to stop amma-The embodiment of love ,,,the HUMAN VERSION OF GOD)
    Amma’s son -Vaisakh

  2. Nice post Dr. Maneesha. Thank you for speaking up.

  3. My dearest AMMA is full of compassion that she cannot bear to see her children in distress.Though I stay in Dubai,whenever I come to Amritapuri I stay there for at least a month.For me that is the best vacation I have like coming to ones own ancestral home to be with your own Mother…..once after staying in Amritapuri for a month I went near Amma to say goodbye.When I tried to blurt out my parting words Amma suddenly got angry and scolded me,stopping me from saying anything.I was taken aback.First I dint know why she was scolding me.But after watching her for some time I understood that she can’t bear the separation from her dearest child.She cannot think of hearing goodbye from me.Amma was trying hard to conceal the pain in her eyes.That day I realized that we as the jivatmas are incapable of knowing the depth of Ammas love.Everytime I think of that scene I cry thinking of Ammas love and concern for her children. From that day onwards I never say goodbye to Amma,because I can’t bear to see the pain in her eyes.even our biological mother cannot love like Amma does,I am the mother of two children,.I have always felt that I am the apple of her eyes.I am sure all “children”of Amma must have the same feeling………lovingly. Your dearest child….Sreekumari.

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