A Response to Peter Roozendaal

Alin We received the following email from Alin Poort:

Amma Scandal,

As I know you must be aware, a man named Peter Roozendaal has recently sent out an email to various people making various accusations. I have also seen it on a few Web forums. As I have first hand knowledge of some of the things he mentions, I wanted to send this to you and allow you to publish it. I have also sent the email and bank records I mention in my mail.

Alin Poort

Dear Peter,
I would have preferred to write to you privately, but since you have sent your mail to many people and have posted it on the Internet, I feel it’s necessary to make mine public too. With regards to your email, I feel it is important to clarify a few things that I have first hand knowledge of:

In your mail, you mention a donation of 60,000 euros that you made to Friends of Amma Netherlands in 2010. Maybe you forgot that you requested that money back a few days later and that the money was promptly returned to you, with no questions asked. Please see the attached bank records that clearly show the deposit on 9 September 2010 and refund on 13 September 2010.

Please also see this passage from an email sent by you to a devotee on 28 September 2010, in which you mention that you asked for your donation back and that it was promptly given to you:

“Something really funny happened recently here in Holland. Because of visa stuff, I came back from India last month and there was still 60.000 Euro left on my Dutch bank accounts. (36 Lakh Rupees) So I had it transferred to the accounts of the Dutch Amma Group. I also subscribed as a volunteer for catering during Amma’s Holland visit. I mentioned by mail that I had renounced all my wealth so I could not pay the obligatory 108 Euro for food and dormitory. Alin Poort however sent me a mail. Without paying the 108 Euro, I was not welcome as a volunteer. See his mail below. It caused me a sleepless night and a half. So to protect my peace of mind, I had no choice but to claim the money back. I expected Alin Poort to contact me by phone to settle the matter in a friendly way. However Alin just send me the money with a mail only stating that he was greeting me. !!!!!!! Whatever that might mean. So actually Alin Poort gave away Amma’s share in my parents’ legacy.”

I am not sure why you decided to omit the refund of your donation (a considerably important aspect regarding it) in your public letter.

Please try to understand that your email requesting free food and accommodation during Amma’s program in Holland was signed with a new name that you had only recently started using. Neither I nor anyone else knew that this was you. This is the reason your request was turned down.

Alin Poort


Peter Roozendaal’s Email

bank statement

Bank Statement

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