Amma’s Response to the Allegations Against the Mata Amritanandamayi Math

The following statement by Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi was released by the Mata Amritanandamayi Math on 22nd February 2014.

“Every year the Ashram [The Mata Amritanandamayi Math] submits its accounts without fail. Every thing is being done as required. Some people are now trying to create misunderstandings, making various claims and misinterpretations. If we had the millions that they allege, I would have already wiped out poverty, both in India and throughout the world. That is my desire. No religion or any specific community donates to the Ashram, nor do we collect any membership fees. What we have is only because of my children’s self-sacrifice.

“This is an organization that does service. It’s an organization that helps people to cultivate service-mindedness. After the earthquake in Gujarat [2001], the Ashram reconstructed three villages there. Now, when the Ashram builds houses for the poor after disasters like the tsunami, even people 85 and 90 years old come from those villages to offer their service.

“Whatever be a person’s level of comprehension, whatever be his perspective—he will believe that alone to be right. This is the way most people think. We have sight, but lack insight—this is the situation we are seeing now. I have never asked anyone to serve me. I am serving everyone. I am simply a mother serving my children. We are not stealing or begging from anyone. Nor is anyone sitting idle; we are working hard and serving others. I only eat once a day. On some days, I may not eat at all. Regardless, every single day, I sit for hours on end and meet the devotees. Back in my room, I read hundreds of letters sent to me from all over the world. There are institutions to manage. I lead the children in meditation and give question-and-answer sessions. Here, no one sits idle. I have no hesitation to do any kind of work.

“I am not blaming anyone. I am just speaking about my children’s self-sacrifice and surrender. Because of that, we have been able to accomplish various things. Many people are making allegations, but none of these people are coming down to help society. That’s sad. Amma doesn’t ask anyone to believe in God. ‘Does God exist?’ is not the question. ‘Do suffering people exist?’ That is the question. ‘How can we relieve their suffering?’ Amma is ready to come forward and wash the feet of anyone who puts in sincere effort to that end.

“This Ashram is a centre of peace. I put my faith in self-surrender, selfless service and love. This is what I am teaching my children. I am an open book. All the rumours that are being spread are untrue. Because certain desires of theirs went unfulfilled, they have started making all sorts of allegations. Someone, somewhere, with an agenda is trying to stir up religious conflicts, making people fight each other, trying to start a war. My prayer is that goodness fills up everyone’s hearts and that everyone’s mind becomes filled with virtue. My children, please pray that you develop the strength to forgive and forget. Within and without, there is agitation. I don’t know where we are headed. May everyone’s mind be filled with only virtuous thoughts.”

—Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi


On Behalf of the Mata Amritanandamayi Math

Swami Purnamritananda Puri
General Secretary, Board of Trustees

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4 replies

  1. Aum Amma

    Namah Sivaya Dearest Amma

    I bow down at Your Perfect Lotus Feet

    Thank you for Your Perfect Words. While many are saddened and feeling hurt by the attacks You have Given Perfect Insight. I cannot, as many, understand why this is happening at this time.

    I have only experienced a deep transformation in this life because of You Calling me Home to You. Life has become a new journey with Your Grace. Although the journey is not always an easy one, the strength I derive through Your Grace allows me to show up in the best way I can.

    I cannot understand why so many believe it serves or helps to sit at a computer and post horrific slander and hurtful words while Amma Continues to be an incomprehensible Example of Tireless Service along with all of my brothers and sisters whose continuous efforts I am deeply humbled by. I can easily complain simply for having to get out of bed in the morning! It is so easy for anyone to sit in their comfortable homes, well fed with all their material needs met to seek ways to hurt from a place of self absorption and self righteousness and simple greed and delusion. I am sure I and many are guilty of this. It is so easy and I cannot understand how it can be so easy when there is so much suffering in the World. When countless people both in the East and West are suffering in ways that hurt me deeply. How can I or anyone truly believe such actions are helpful in any way to anyone including ourselves? This is a great mystery to me.

    Amma Your Perfect Example Inspires countless beings. I am in the world and see and hear so much pain. I also see so much beauty and not a day goes by without someone happily recounting Amma’s Grace in their lives and sharing these inspirations with me. The Blessing of being able to witness this I am so grateful for. Amma’s continued and unending Selfless Service inspires so many like the Sun allowing so much to grow and bloom and breathe and flow…beyond what I can see for sure.

    The use of technology has proven to be a very powerful weapon but can also be a very powerful transformative tool. I recently watched a story where a homeless man living in complete squalor on the streets suffering a horrific existence continued to write poetry each day. He wrote and wrote no matter what. One day a woman noticed him and began to speak with him. She “saw” this man in a way most would not. Most would not even look at him and instead turn their heads and drive past not wanting the sight of such poverty and pain and suffering to tarnish their shiny existence. However, this one woman stopped and engaged the man. She discovered he was a poet whose strong desire to have his poems published inspired him to continue to write and go on regardless of his incredibly difficult surroundings and seemingly hopeless circumstances. The woman offered to start a Facebook Page for him. She put his poems up on the Facebook Page and let people know of him. Little by little people began to stop and talk with him. They wanted to know more of him and compliment his beautiful artistic expression. One day a man came across this Facebook Page and was struck with emotion beyond his belief. The Facebook Page brought him to know the whereabouts of his dear brother whom he had not seen in 57 years. This homeless man was his long lost brother. The man went to his then homeless and suffering brother and reunited. He invited his brother to live with him in his home and expressed in tearful, overwhelming emotion that his family was now finally complete. The sight of this man bathed and groomed with a sweet smile and eyes twinkling as he sat at a table happily eating fresh, hot food with his family surrounding him is one I won’t ever forget. The chance this man was given to have the simple necessities of life met and to have the love of his family in his life have transformed him. He continues to write his poetry and soon his book will be released.

    I felt so moved by this example of the power of social media and the vastness of the internet being used in a way to serve and support Miracles. My efforts sometimes seem meaningless and yet with God’s Grace anything can Happen. I was of course reminded of Amma’s Teachings and Countless Examples which always Challenge me to think in ways that are usually quite different from my self centered, self absorbed ideas often clouding my daily life.

    I could go on and on about Amma and the Blessing Her Presence has Given me in my life. I could try to write about all those I have seen affected in ways that astonish. I could try, but I don’t think it would be possible to record all of these Blessed examples in this short lifetime of mine. Instead I will continue to do the best I can to remember Amma’s Teachings and Selfless Service and Unconditional Love as is my experience. I will continue to serve in Her Perfect Presence when I am so Graced. I will continue to do my best in the world when I am so Graced. I will try to be the example She Shows me and I invite all of my brothers and sisters no matter how much pain you are in to come with me. Well I am sure I will fail miserably all the time, knowing that Amma Is here with us now will always give me the Strength I need to get back up and keep going.

    There is no proof needed to be said to realize Amma’s Greatness I don’t believe. One should simply come to one of Her Programs and watch Her. Watch how Amma Gives Her Darshan endlessly for hours on end Forgoing any comforts for Herself. Watch as lives are transformed. Watch as tears are shed at the Blessed sight of such Love in Embodiment. Please, come and watch and open your hearts to the possibility that their is a Presence that is Pure Love here for all of us; a Gift beyond our mind’s comprehension.

    Aum Amriteshwaryai Namaha

    in Amma,

  2. It pains and hurts to read Amma dearest even replying to people who do not even understand what basic dignity happens to be…Amma,You are Love,Love,Love-all the way.

  3. Om Amriteswaryai Namaha !! IMPORTANT
    Randall , I am delighted to see your blog .
    I found this wonderful piece describing the contradictions in teh book written to bring down the image of our Amma !!
    Can you pls take this forward and try to make this available to the public by posting it in the official website and other blogs for Amma !

  4. What is Gale ?
    A person who came to the east with the power desire and having some yoga and ashram association is a fashion these days especially in the western world.

    Gale is either a cruel , selfish soul who is retaliating as her desire for power failed.

    It is clear from her accusations that she consider lust and power are very important emotions. She is a soul who wasted so many years with Amma contemplating lust and power. She failed and now she is trying to get that through this book.

    There may be another remote possibility . She might be suffering from undiagnoised neurological disorder which creates illusion or have a disorder that everyone is against her and everyone has a hidden agenda. In short schizophrenia .

    Amma is my experience not a belief How can a soul on this earth see this in her mother. Why did you let these evil souls live near you Amma? I a person who always long to stay with you one night . I always dream about that night . Myself and my son want to stay with you for a night . My 5 year old son developed a love for you at first sight in his 3 years . No one taught him who you are . He has that connection from his experience . I still don’t know what his experience is as he doesn’t know how to word it . May be when he grow up I will hear from him. My experience with Amma was before I met her or even heard about her much . Amma , this is painful . My mind is small and the depth of you is beyond human comprehension. However like me there are so many who wait to see you at least in dreams and spend a night or 10 min with you . Amma please stop this lady .

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