A Former Ashram Resident Who Left Amritapuri Speaks Out About Gail Tredwell’s True Nature

The following letter was posted on an online forum called “The God Light” on Nov. 18, 2013, by a former Amritapuri Ashram resident who left Amma’s ashram “at the same time as Gail Tredwell.” What this person writes only confirms what many others who personally know Gail Tredwell have already written about her. The author of the letter chose to refer to himself by the name “Santhosh.” We have copied the post here. The original can be found at: http://spiritualforum.me.uk/thread/5321

The letter [referring to this letter by Brahmacharini Lakshmi] hold great relevance to every seeker who often falter to curb our egos and instead go great lengths to fulfill it. I left Mata Amritanandamayi Math blaming my Guru for my shortcomings and even tried to for a short period wreck my vengence against my Guru on public forums for not letting me rule my fortress I built for myself in the Ashram. I left the ashram at the same time as Gail Tredwell (Gayatri). She was seen as one among Amma’s foremost disciples and her departure gave my ego more fuel to run away from facing my inner follies. Gayatri had issues right from the beginning of her stay and was a very difficult person. She would constantly lie and physically abuse residents to get things her way. She was nicknamed “Queen Bee”.

“I have seen [Gail Tredwell] grab kids by their hair & throw them to the ground and grab the prasad Amma gave kids and throw them on the ground or out through the window and laugh. Most of us have always doubted her mental stability.”

I do not in any way support Gail in her activities and this post should not be interpreted as a vain attempt to gain her publicity and increase the sales of her book which unfortunately has not a shred of truth nor evidence in any of its pages. The majority of us were relieved she left, as she misused her robes constantly, which none of us could accept. I have seen her physically abuse some of the Indian girls in public. On enquiry one girl (who was related to my family) informed us how Gayatri would go to any extend to make children suffer. I have seen her grab kids by their hair & throw them to the ground and grab the prasad Amma gave kids and throw them on the ground or out through the window and laugh. Most of us have always doubted her mental stability. As an ex-resident, I can confirm the book is an expression of Gail’s need to gain at least partially her “Queen Bee” status and will not hold water in the face of scrutiny. Her malicious activities will go on until the day, just like myself, learn to quell the frustrations fueled by her ego.

Screenshot of Original Post: (source: http://spiritualforum.me.uk/thread/5321)

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4 replies

  1. Gale want to make some money by selling books. It is a human nature.

  2. jai ma,

    Am sure, One day she (gail) will write another book ” Holly Hell: Confessions of a sinner”
    and no medias going to celebrate “that news” as they did for the news against amma.

  3. Why did it take 20 years for this Australian woman to leave Ashram. She must have left ashram at least few times to home country or friends. Why didn’t this woman ask help from Australian EmbaSsy? INDIA is a democratic nation with all good and bad things .after being in that country lady gale must have had access to phone and she should have called or approached any politician or a church. so this woman wanted to have a fortune and the pleasures after few years at ashram. when that didn’t happen she started a new business that is this book. Wow you get a good circulation dear . Why not you start a ‘HOLY HEAVEN’. oh you wanted another ashram india, for yourself. Hey lady , there are a lot of evil things happening in india but there a lot of people in india who follow its’ heritage . India is a land where Budha, sri sankaracharyar, swami Vivekananda , swami ramkrishna paramhamsa, and many great saints, philosophers are born . India taught the world to count/ Great sushruthan performed the first surgery before the modern medical science was born. Aeroplanes were mentioned and demonstrated in Indian ancient scriptures before it was invented by the modern world. Even if you know the heritage and traditions of india you need something else to assimilate it. most of it is inborn. It was very clear from your book that you have no sense of the soul of india . Then I am not surprised you came up with this. To be frank with you, your book is a failure because when you want to sell this kind of stuff you have to be realistic and you should write certain things which people can believe. If you ahd approached a smart editor, they would have asked you to take out the spicy stories inside, still keep some of your corruption stories. That was a better idea to get a good circulation.

    FYI Lady gale I am not a ardent disciple of Matha Amritanandamayi, but I am a deep rooted indian national who respect great souls in India. I am afraid our Children are reading this sort of things and they may not respect or follow our heritage. There are some Indian women in this world who likes to pass our heritage and roots to our children wherever we are.

    • Feeling very happy to know that at least some people respect the culture of a great land. Nowadays people are more interested in finding faults of ashrams. When they abuse a holy land which has always been serving the world, it reflects their unwillingness to accept their own ego. I was a student of Amrita college and has only had good experiences being there. Even if the whole world abuses Amma, she continues to serve the world. If we are open minded, we can experience her love and divinity.

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