The Allegations By Gail Tredwell Are Untrue: A Statement by the Mata Amritanandamayi Devotees’ Forum, Kerala

The allegations put forth in Gail Tredwell’s memoir are untrue and are the fabrications of a disturbed mind. It is puzzling that 15 years after leaving Amma’s ashram, Ms. Tredwell has decided to self-publish this book, fabricating incidents that supposedly took place as many as 30 years ago.

The truth of the matter is that it was Ms. Tredwell herself who was abusive. Since the publication of her book, other people have come forward to report incidents such as irrational onset of anger and sadistic behavior that have caused them to doubt Ms. Tredwell’s mental health. (see: Bri. Lakshmi’s memories, Radhika Nair’s memories, Kristy’s memories, Anu Iyer’s memories, and Rukmini’s memories .)

Contrary to the claim made in Ms. Tredwell’s book that she left the Mata Amritanandamayi Math as a fugitive, upon her departure Ms. Tredwell was given financial assistance by the Mata Amritanandamayi Center in San Ramon, California, and was provided with health insurance by the same organization for approximately two years until she had completed her transition into lay life. Furthermore, for the first full year upon her departure, Ms. Tredwell was provided with free room and board in the house of a devotee, and her circle of friends was constituted of devotees as well. (see: Geetha Kumar’s letter, Arpana’s letter and Rajita’s letter).

In fact, during that year, Ms. Tredwell also willingly met in a friendly manner with senior members of Amma’s organization, including the one she now has made accusations about. She even sent him a letter thanking him for his constant kindness and support.

The truth is that it was not because of abuse that Ms. Tredwell left Amma’s ashram but because she wanted to fulfill personal desires that were incompatible with the formal monastic vows she had taken up as a sannyasini.  In fact, Ms. Tredwell, during her time as a formally ordained monk, even went as far as to propose marriage to an American man. (see: Br. Shubhamrita’s account). Today, proof of Ms. Tredwell’s marriage to another man and subsequent divorce since leaving Amma’s organization is publicly available.

Even peripheral details of Ms. Tredwell’s memoir appear to have been fabricated, as a number of people included in scenes from the book have come forward to say that they are depicted in its pages saying and/or doing things that simply never happened. (see: Mira’s letter , Prakash’s letter, and Kusuma’s letter.

It is also a matter of public record that Ms. Tredwell suffered from intense bouts of jealousy towards Amma’s senior disciples and devotees as well. Ms. Tredwell wrote about these difficulties in 1993, in the Mata Amritanandamayi Math’s spiritual magazine Matruvani, explaining how her jealousy was so intense that it led her to pull out her own hair, to self-induce vomiting, and to even try to scratch off her own skin. Ms. Tredwell also admits in these articles that this jealousy at times clouded her thinking to the extent that she could not stop herself from making accusations that she actually knew to be untrue.

If the incidents of abuse and misconduct presented in the book were truly experienced and witnessed by Ms. Tredwell beginning in the mid-1980s, as she alleges, why then did it take her 18 years to leave Amma’s ashram and another 15 to write her book? It is worth noting that, less than two years before her departure, Ms. Tredwell made the following public statement regarding Amma: “I think she will be remembered as one of the most loving, compassionate, self-giving, self-sacrificing saints ever to come on earth, and one who has never ever taken a breath of air for herself.” (See: What is Gail Tredwell’s Real Face).

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  1. From my childhood for the last 35 years i knew AMMA and i strongly feel she is Goddess herself who came to the world for the upliftment of the poor and spiritual seekers.
    The so called book written against Amma and Ashram is definitely not from the heart of a person who has spent years with Amma and it must be the financial gain or some other motive which would have forced her to write such a book. This poor lady may be a pawn in the hands of a black society. A person who knows AMMA and Ashram can never write a book like this. I can strongly say that the matter written in the book may be Gails hallucinations because I know AMMA and Ashramites as a devotee and as a responsible citizen of India.
    Mini Sujith

  2. Any person who had the opportunity to meet AMMA will never believe what Ms Gail has written and even those who are nonbelievers ,will accept the fact that the humanitarian activities of AMMA are beyond the capacity of an ordinary human being. As a devotee of
    AMMA, I pray to all who gets mislead by such articles to find out the truth by them self by personally meeting AMMA or by verifying the activities of the ashram.

    Chances are that either Ms Gail is trying to make quick buck or she could be a puppet in the hands of a group who is worried or envies the growing popularity popularity of AMMA in India and abroad .

  3. I have being visiting ashram for past many years and the allegations mentioned by Gail is really SHOCKING. Amma’s ashram is a place where there is no restriction of any kind. One will get to know it, if you being there at least once. Amma never ever compels anybody neither to come to her nor to go back to worldly life if they feel so.If Gail was so sick of ashram and other residents over there,then why did she take the pain of staying there for 20 years?? Where was she for the last 15 years???It all a planned crooked and cooked up story against Amma and her disciples.

  4. Gail’s worst accusation was that Amma is “Mean.” But my personal experience shows Amma does not have mean bone in her body. One time I was in question line in San Ramon for 3 hours waiting to ask Amma a question. I had not eaten breakfast and the lunch line was closing and I thought to myself that it is more important to to get words from a person of wisdom then to eat no matter how hungry I felt. So, even though I wanted to get up to go to lunch I sacrificed that hunger in the name of wisdom. I never said anything to anyone about getting lunch. I merely thought it. After getting my answer from Amma, I ran over to the lunch area only to find that it was closed. Literally, just behind me someone came right from Amma and said to the people at the lunch counter, “Amma wants you to keep serving lunch for another 20 minutes as some of the Devotees were feeling that they would miss their lunch.” Do you really think someone who was “mean” would be that considerate?

  5. An Article reflecting the truth regarding Gail Tredwell

    I am one among the millions of children of Mother. Just like many others as time passed my life was filled with Amma both in and out .Being with her for more than a decade life became more enjoyable and filled with happiness.
    I will briefly share one of my experiences with Amma and then move to the main reason why we are here..
    In school days once it happened that I were late to the school and I was rushing to reach in time and I had to cross the main road in between. The road is having a sharp turn around the spot where I used to cross .As I were in a hurry I didn’t take care to look both sides of road properly. Just as I was above to cross I fell backwards as if someone pulled me from behind and I noticed that a Scorpio was rushing from the same side .Later (I even almost forgot about this incident by that time) when I went to Amma even though I didn’t mention anything about this incident she severely scolded me for not taking proper care in crossing the roads..Scolding from Guru is something which is very precious as it purifies one faster ( not that I would like to take it always  ) So even a miraculous escape from a disaster turned out to be a beautiful memory.
    So the title of the writing goes like this ‘GALE THREADS STORIES BUT NOT WELL.’
    As per the Holy? eyes of Gail there is not even the slightest need for Amma to even consider me at all as a person as I have offered only my sincere love to her; never the dollars neither the gold nor Amma have given me any special position in the Ashram that Gail mislead everyone to. But in every significant aspect of my life there was Mother’s strong presence. In fact Amma turned out to be a greater protector to me than anyone else.
    Why should I just limit taking my example? People can pick thousands of similar examples from around the globe where by Mother has saved, uplifted and consoled millions of persons (million is not a fancy term used here).
    The allegations mentioned in Gail’s ‘fiction story’ are so untrue and are the fabrications coming from an unstable mind. After long 15 years living in the USA she suddenly one day comes up shouting all these allegations. Gail dont think that others around you are fools and will believe in whatever lie or allegation you come up with
    If she is truly depressed while she was staying in the ashram as she claims just see the video shown in the link She is seen with smile and great vigour and the face doesn’t reflect of someone who is depressed.
    She even wrote a letter to everyone after she left the ashram where she addresses people in the Ashram as her own family( whom she claims have abused her for 20 years later?!!) Gail is full of contradictions.
    She also points out that everyone should keep their LOVE and FAITH in Amma.( As she behaves like a poisonous snake and highly lunatic it doesn’t matter how many times she contradicts herself) and the letter also mentions her desire to return to Ashram (which she calls a horrible place in the book)
    The letter ends with she mentioning her monastic name Amma had given to her (Why again!! If she is strongly against Amma and Ashram she still wants to keep that name ??) ( Read the full letter here :
    Gail alleges that she was abused in 1980’s whereby she left 15 years later. Why?
    Also everyone knows the love the residents and devotees have for her; even as she behaved rude to them. Still everyone including Amma wanted to help her. As a great guru once said it is difficult to awaken someone who is pretending to sleep.
    The other allegation Gail claims is that she was hunted by the Ashram..LOL.. I never saw any hunters here other than the eagles and crows hunting for food. In reality she was given financial assistance by the Ashram even as she had made up her mind to set-up a different life. Even her medical insurance was paid by the Math after she left.
    So Why she left??
    We all know there is chance for downfall even at the state of Sannyasin. Only liberation is the state which is protected from all downfalls. People coming in all sorts of Ashram whether it’s here or outside are to improve themselves. People may fall in love; that is also acceptable; may even want to settle in a materialistic life. All these are fine. Even great sages have fell in love. But the problem surfaces only when the desire does not get fulfilled and one blames their guru and others around for his/her vasanas and the mental imprisonment that they make themselves in their life.
    Under her depression and confused state she blames all the circumstances and the people around her; even the devotees of Amma who helped her even after she left the ashram. When depressed the person perceive those close to them with delusions, negativity and will be feeling pessimistic attitude towards their own life.
    Jay Cumming senior attorney CA court stated on the matter as ( see the authenticity of the person here : )
    ” With what glee Gayathri and her supporters people criticize Amma! It is as if Amma’s impeccable reputation caused them to feel the sting of their own failings all the more, and thus, in the prospect of Amma’s downfall, they are enjoying some relief. But Gayatri’s memoir will not result in Amma’s downfall.”
    From reading her book one can easily understand that she failed to grasp basic understanding of who a SadGuru is and even to assimilate the simple spiritual principles into her life
    Everyone knew she were mentally disturbed when she left the ashram. This was very well taken by the religious missionaries of vested and heinous interests as an opportunity to strike again at Amma and Ashram .
    If it is as Gail claims that Amma is interested in money and gold and wanted her family to take monetary benefits out of the organization then why sannyasins were kept in the trust instead of family members. In fact many among us know Amma was not very comfortable with the idea of even making the trust in beginning. We can notice that the other so called gurus currently among us have made their family members as the trust members and are living luxuriously where as Amma spends almost 15-20 hours a day for Darshan where in between she doesn’t even have food or other comforts for herself.(This is such an open truth that one has to really see for themselves )
    Gail claims her book is as honest and true to the best she can remember.. OH ! She now also have amnesia?? She easily forgot the man she loved once or forgot to mention about it? or was it a deliberate omission? There is no surprise as she even chose to forget all the members of the ‘family ‘ as she calls who truly loves her. I’m not talking about the love that one have for other for the profit they get out in selling a book neither the love of some vested groups to deliberately defame someone but about the great souls among us who have nothing to offer other than pure love.
    Also in between these years she married someone else and that too ended up in divorce. Gail is there some form of life you actually are comfortable with?
    Jessi Hoffman who is the other idiotic half also the editor of this book is largely against Sanatana Dharma and its principles. So its needless to say this was a good opportunity for ‘them’ to tarnish the ever growing popularity of Mother. There is no worse fortune to come in one’s life than that of Gail’s’ ; as she never saw the compassionate face of Amma even when Amma had given Gail much more time and personal attention than the other devotees here. The only attitude she had was to complain, complain and complain?!
    Gail herself openly confessed many times her difficult to cope-up behaviour in the Matruvani Magazine. Even in the ‘Holy Hell’ she openly confesses her confused mind state (she is not herself sure of what she has written, others made her to write or what she is thinking).
    She expresses the incident of herself running away from life as the “GREAT ESCAPE FROM ASHRAM” (Good name for a movie title but not in the real life here). But anyone who have been in the ashram for some time know that no one is here by force. They can leave at any time. There is nothing GREAT about it as she proudly yells but definitely an ESCAPE from the reality and that from the life.
    Despite all of these incidents, Amma has only asked us all to pray for you Gail. Gaaiiillll… Are you hearing; sorry listening???
    We sincerely believe that you will come out of the wrong hands and (the disturbed mental state) that you are currently under and that which you have mistaken to be protective and confess your mistakes before its too late. Next time Gail T(h)re(a)d Well.. with true stories
    Finally, I pity Indiavision, Reporter and other idiotic news channels and newspapers here in Kerala who comes up supporting or creating such false allegations again and again exactly at the same time Amma’s Brahmasthanam festival begins. None of this will tarnish the faith of Amma’s Children . It will only continue to grow and grow. Because we Amma’s children believe in the power of the Truth much more than what you Media just claim to state..
    Om Amma!!

  6. I met Amma 25 years ago in the US. I come from Quilon, Kerala, and had never heard of Amma before that. I was not interested in meeting anybody claimed to be ‘divine’ or a ‘Guru’. Since I was a nuclear physicist working in a US national lab, I didn’t believe in anything which cannot be explained by science and math. I went to meet Amma out of curiosity and without any pre-judgment. Amma was not very well known at that time. There were only a few people waiting to see Her. From the moment she hugged me, I knew who She was. I don’t have to convince anybody and nobody has to believe me either; it is personal. Her simplicity and compassion for others really attracted me. If you ask anybody from any part of the world who has had the opportunity to meet Her even once, each one will have a unique experience to share. People should watch the interview given by the actor Mohanlal recently in a local Malayalam TV, if you want to know what I mean.

    I watched Her organization growing in size and numbers. More and more people with natural human shortcomings are working in these organizations. Amma’s organization has its pluses and minuses like any assembling of human beings; since we have not gone beyond our limitation as I believe Amma has. Look, for example, at our political leaders, what are they doing? Many times even those leaders have said that to get something done, they have to give the project to Amma. Do you know anybody in the history of the world who can sit at one place for 15 to 25 hours at a stretch consoling people who come to her? She doesn’t force anybody to come to Her or to give anything to Her. You can come and leave whenever you want. Her living space is an 8×8 foot room. It is opened to anybody who wants help. While on travel She sleeps on the floor most of the time, sometimes just a curtain separating Her space with the rest of the girls.

    I know many people who are doctors, lawyers, engineers, professors, scientists, and students who are inspired by Amma and have found a mission and meaning to their lives working in Amma’s organizations whole heartedly without expecting anything in return. They could have stayed in their mansions in the US enjoying luxuries, but they are experiencing the joy of selfless service which, unfortunately, is vanishing from the world. Two years ago I had the opportunity to introduce the world famous Nobel Laureate Physicist Dr. Murray Gellmann (discovered ‘Quark’) to Amma.

    I have met Gale a few times. From what I can recollect, she is not emotionally stable. She doesn’t know what she wants. She lives in an illusionary world. It seemed like she was frustrated, agitated and confused and angry at anybody who approached her. I wondered how Amma could tolerate her and let her stay close. Only Amma could do that out of Her compassion. I don’t believe for a second all the bad things she wrote in the book. Why did she stay 20 years with Amma if she was abused and ill-treated? Why write a book 15 years after leaving the ashram? A book that has no proof or corroboration to its claims.

    Anybody who met Amma even once will never believe these lies. People can say and write any trash they want. Most of the people who criticize Amma don’t even lift a finger to help a poor guy on the street or given a penny to a beggar. They will walk away preaching scriptures that it is their karma. I am not surprised that people are so quick to criticize Amma based on information that based only on gossip; it happened to Jesus Christ, Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, Adi Shankara, and Mahatma Gandhi. Her life is Her message. She doesn’t need to prove anything to anybody. All these false, ego-headed people should listen to Her message and try to imbibe at least a little bit of it into their lives. They should make an attempt to meet Her with an open heart. Maybe they will feel a little peace within themselves. Gale needs help and only Amma can provide that.

  7. It cannot be better said-what Amma dearest is,can only be experienced-not encompassed in mere words.Manytimes the heart aches to see Her sitting tirelessly for hours and hours without a little break-hugging,comforting,listening,solving and above all SHOWERING LOVE,LOVE AND MORE LOVE EACH DAY OF THE WEEK IN DIFFERENT WAYS- DARSHAN, PRASAD DAY,BEACH MEDITATION FOLLOWED BY DARSHAN AND BHAJANS!!I WONDER IF THERE WOULD BE ANOTHER SAGE TODAY WHO LIVES EVERY HOUR ONLY FOR US-CRUSHING HERSELF UP PHYSICALLY FOR HER CHILDREN ,WHICH HAPPENS TO BE THE ENTIRE HUMANITY.
    If we live a little bit in the light that She sheds each moment, we would be repaying a fraction of the debt that we owe to Her.
    Her mere Presence is from another dimension and infinitely soothing.I had wondered as to how one individual can fasten millions to Her heart…it is the immeasurably comforting,non-judgemental and accepting love that pulls us to Her.
    and keeps us fastened to her divine embrace…
    This is the only place maybe where there is no VIP culture-such a relief.One is allowed to be at peace living life in its pristine form of learning the art of transforming one’s shortcomings- propelled by the deep love of a Master who is always there for you.Amma is the love that fulfills,a love that settles the raging passions and love that answers the deepest aspirations of any aching heart.
    It really does not matter in the final analysis as to what any forlorn or misguided soul has to invent..the sun shines in all glory and no one can eclipse it for ever.True- a little bit of dust can be raised by such clogged minds but in the final analysis-only Amma’s love and compassion prevail.
    Living in the Amritapuri ashram and working in the university have put me in close synthesis with Amma and I cannot frame in words the love and care that she has poured on my family.
    I have always felt that not coming into Her Embrace till we met Her was not life in its fulness.

  8. ||Om Amriteshwaryi Namah||

    Its really hard for me to put in words what Amma means to me and my mother. Its been 12 years since Amma has physically entered out life’s. Spiritually she has been there with us even before I even knew who she was.

    Amritpuri has been our second home and I never felt like an outsider. The ashramites and the other devotees have been so wonderful and helpful that it used to be really hard to come back to our native place in Pune, Maharashtra. Often me and my mother used to dwelve on the blissful moments spent in the ashram.

    I am surprised that Ms. Tredwell being an ex-ashramite would make such fake allegations. We are aware that there are forces trying to disrupt the peace and love that Amma has been spreading since so many decades.

    I never met Ms. Tredwell but reading on the posts and the kind of person she was, I can only say that she needs medical help.

    Ranjit Godbole

  9. I have been a devotee from the year 1993 from the age of 8 years . What ever is written in that book is junk .I can tell this because of seeing the Truth and living amongst it .I have the sense to discriminate between what is right and what is wrong .

    It is such a disgrace that Gail , is ,making such fake allegations .
    I think she really needs medical help .

    I been brought up in a culture which respects ” The Guru Parampara” which means
    “The Lineage of Gurus .”
    Amma and Her disciples are the living examples of Guru Parampara for me .
    For a Sanyasi , every breath of His/Hers is for the world and that is the reason they are dressed in saffron .
    Senior Swamis of Mata Amritanandamayi Math are living examples of this .
    They look at all the devotees like their own brothers and sisters .I am a witness to this and have lived that experience . What Gail claims in her book is utter non sense !

    I would like to explain in a particular example how Mata Amritanandamayi Math is a differentiator in doing charitable work .It was the time after Tsunami in 2006 .Many people lost their homes and children .Many NGOs came forward to help these people .But it was only Amma who thought beyond what a normal human being could think .She did something more than giving them jobs,livelihood,homes ,food etc .

    There were ladies of the villages, nearby the places which Tsunami had hit ,who had done a family planning surgery to not have children after they had one or two . Some of them lost their children and were left childless .As a part of the charitable activities under this segment , the Math had helped them with surgeries again so that they can conceive, to have children .There cannot be another personification of Compassion like Amma . There was no other NGO that did this .

    I really wonder why people spread false rumors about Ashram funds,when so much is given back to the society .Amma says “My Children are my strength ” .

    I can tell this much because I have also contributed to some of the charitable activities (though not a major amount ) and I have seen it going back to the society .

    I an alumni of Amrita Vishwavidya Peetham . Not all who come to study and work in the institutions of Mata Amritanandamayi Math are devotees of Amma .Some of the pass outs (not necessarily devotees of Amma ) of this prestigious university generally handover their first salary to Amma .Though all of them are not devotees , they are ready to contribute because they see charity happening in front of their eyes with transparency .

    Ramya .

  10. I am a devotee of AMMA for the last 20years.but right from the momenti saw AMMA I had a feeling that I have known her for a very long time,maybe in my previous births also.from the moment I saw AMMA she has meant everything for me my mother,father, guru,friend,………I consider that meeting AMMA and being her devotee has been the most fortunate event in my life.I cannot spend even a minute without rememberingAMMA. I don’t know this lady,Gail and I don’t intend to read her book.but from the-reviews I understand that she is fallen into satanicways of life and she is spreading her negativities to others instead of correcting herself.she has completely fallen into the trap of her own negativities.She can do whatever she wants with her life.its her wish but we devotees of AMMA wouldnt allow her to pollute the world with her poison.we will not allow any satan to invade our minds which is being purified by our most beloved AMMA……….forever at AMMAS lotus feet……sreekumari

  11. I was lucky to meet AMMA a few times when I was a child. I can only say that AMMA is not an ordinary human being. I dont know how to explain who is AMMA. I only know that she is kind, loving and her eyes sparkle love and kindness. She cannot harm anybody…
    Pranams at AMMA’s feet

  12. I am not a devotee of Amma, but I am very much inspired by her work in the field of Education and Health. i can prove some allegations leveled against Amma is false that when in the year 2004 I was referred by a well known Pediatrician of my child who was suffering from COA (Coarctation of Aeorta which required his cardiac treatment. During that period I had taken the estimated cost of treatment from Kolkata and Bangalore which came to Rs.70,000. When I reached Ernakulum, I met with Dr.Krishna Kumar, the Pediatric Cardiologist, who helped me like his brother, who speaks very good Hindi, though it is very difficult to converse with people in the Southern India. I was also shocked to see the dedications of doctors in the Hospital.

    I was asked to admit my child at MAIMS on the same day with a fee of Rs.20,000 for the treatment and next day Dr.Krishna took ballooning treatment. At the time of his discharge the hospital had refunded Rs.2,000 out of Rs.20,000/-. It means Rs.70,000 to 18,000.

    Now the articles published by Gail proved totally wrong and baseless that poors are charged huge amount of treatment. What Amma and her people are doing, it is worthless.

    I pray to Almighty for her long and healthy life.


  13. so sad to see this happening..we all have our own different experience of the reality surrounding us. I can only speak from my own hearts experience having been blessed to be able to spend countless hours at Ammas side watching her hug 1000’s of people,feeling their joy, seeing their pain and suffering melt away in her loving embrace of unconditional love and tenderness. Giving, giving,caring, sharing, pouring her love and light on one and all equally everyday, everynight, everywhere,,makiing a difference for millions of people who were suffering, whether from a natural catastrophe or their own individual Hells. Im not in any way involved in her org. Im just grateful to have been touched and inspired so deeply by Amma;s extrordinary love.. Prabhavati Dwabha Rishikesh

  14. I have been a devotee of Amma since the age of 4 and I feel blessed and honored to be Her Child ever since. The book written by Ms. Gail Tredwell , is just filled with fiction and nothing less. Seems that she wants to compete with the contemporary fiction writers. The allegations made in this book are totally untrue! This is pure concoction of an unstable mind. Anybody who reads the book , should be able to conclude that the author is mentally unwell. The book is an attempt to tarnish the image of Amma, and Her Math for vile reasons.
    Amma is one of the greatest Mahatma of our times She has spent every breath of her life for uplifting the Mankind. Amma spends almost the whole day meeting people, consoling them which is humanly impossible. The Senior Swamis of this Math are living examples of sacrifice and service to the world. Their robes are a symbolism for this and they live this Truth. They treat all Amma’s devotees as their own siblings . I have witnessed this and experienced this Truth. Gail’s claims are utter rubbish!
    Mata Amritanandamayi Math and its massive charitable undertakings are a proof to the selfless service rendered to the society. Nobody can even count the number of houses that have been provided freely for people in disaster-stricken areas in India and abroad. This is just one part of the charitable activities, it’s an endless list. . The inmates of the Ashram work round the clock to accomplish the charitable activities undertaken by the Math. According to me , there cannot be a greater proof of selfless service than this! People discuss about Ashram funds being misallocated but Amma has always only known to give multi folds to the society, to whatever donations are made to the Ashram. I have contributed a very humble amount and I feel a sense of joy to be a part of this great mission that gives back so much to the society.

  15. Amma is a great guru of present day.Ammas selfless service to mankind is known world wide.Gails false claims will soon fade.We will once again be with Amma as one Big Happy Family.

  16. I feel sad for this lady. I really don’t know what is it that caused her to write this things, but I can say that as a follower of Amma for over a decade, carefully observing her, for one must make sure that one’s spiritual teacher is what they say it is before taking them as one, that mother is nothing but true, unalloyed love. I met Gayatri years back and she was happy then. Everyone who has been in this path long enough knows that to be on the spiritual path with someone of Amma’s caliber, is to walk on the razor’s edge for everything about oneself will eventually be exposed. One truly stands naked before the guru, unable to hide anything. If one, truly committed, can get past that most difficult of trial, then one grows spiritually towards self realization. If one fails, then one either tries again, or gives up. The effects of a failure of that magnitude cannot be easily measured from individual to individual, for every one’s response is different. In this case, it seems to me that Gail is projecting her own failure towards Amma and is doing it with a vengeance. And who knows, like it has happened with other Gurus, perhaps there is a separate entity, be it religious, financial, hate, or otherwise, whose sole agenda is to destroy Amma’s reputation. Jesus Christ had Juda, lord Buddha had someone else, Lord Krishna had many, and in the end, the Dharma of this great beings protected them. They alone stand as the beacons of light that sustain humanity’s cry for a higher self. It is through their examples that we strive to make this planet we all live in a better place for every one. They themselves are the embodiment of love, compassion, hope, and charity.
    I think that it is irresponsible of whoever is in charge of the guruphilia group to come and condemn Amma based on the words of one or a few individuals who are against her, when there are millions more who can attest to Amma’s good character. They say that tomasic and satwic qualities are at different ends of the spectrum and it shows. Light and darkness do not coexist in the same space. So, let us not get dragged in this drama that some misguided individuals want to drag us through.
    For me, Amma is Love and nothing at this point, will change my feelings towards her. I invite all those who already know Amma, to not let themselves be affected by it, but rather, keep on going forward, towards the goal that God himself has promised in fulfillment of his word, if we put in the effort ourselves.
    I sincerely hope that Gail herself will at some point, think about the wrong she is doing. I wish her the very best. specially a quick recovery of her mental anguish. My prayers are with her and my heart with Amma.

  17. Devotees do not need to defend Amma. Amma is Truth-absolute, Existence-absolute, Bliss-absolute. Sat-Chit-Anand needs no defence; It stands on its own. At the same time, no one should attempt to crucify that poor woman – Gail Treadwell- but should pray for her. I am a diciple of another fully realized saint and I am aware of the intense power with which maya surges at spiritual aspirants ever so often. Your own unfulfilled desires have to be satisfied, whether you appreciate it or not, and the cosmic magician who is always in opposition to Sat-Chit-Anand will find you an excuse for the satisfaction. The poor woman has fallen from grace due to the effects of her own very strong unfulfilled desires and will undergo endless bouts of mental agony. She is now unprotected on a raft in the middle of the ocean without an oar.Forgive her and pray for her that a good current will swiftly bring her back to the shore of calm and peace. Amma understands and so do all realized Masters. Incidentally, without divine sanction, they are forbidden to intervene. Some things just have to take their course and eventually come to an end. But forgiveness is an effective tool; it helps and does come back to us who give it, when we most need it. I recently had a powerful healing from Sri Satya Sai Baba about 2 1/2 years after he passed, of a problem I had for about 14 years, even though he was not my guru. Based on testimonies I saw on Youtube, I asked for the healing and received it. Believe in the saints who attain TOTAL AWARENESS. They are GOD in human form. I never met Amma, but I am aware that she is a Perfect Master.

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