A Letter from Gail Tredwell to Amritapuri Ashram Residents — Dec 18, 1999

We would like to share with you this letter that was written and sent to the residents of Amritapuri Ashram by Gail Tredwell (Swamini Amritaprana  – Gayatri) on December 18, 1999–about one month after her leaving Amma.

December 18, 1999
My dear family at Amritapuri,
Nobody should feel devastated or confused because of my departure.
Everybody has their own life to lead and their own path to follow. My
path with Amma is very unique which nobody including I can understand.
At this point in time I need a good period of retreat to heal myself. I
cannot say I am gone forever I just need time for healing and clarity.
Everybody should keep their love and faith in Amma. A spiritual
aspirant’s life should not be affected by another person’s decision.
In all spiritual organizations when one person does something unexpected
it always creates waves within the community. These waves can cause
panic and fear and can challenge one’s faith. during such bad
astrological times as these, many rumors will fly. I have heard some of
the rumors going around at this time and assure you all, that they are
not from me. I strongly advise all to be like a horse with blinders on.
Do not look to the left or to the right but keep your eyes in the goal
ahead of you.

As Amma once told one of our brothers: ” Everything you believe a
spiritual aspirant’s path should be, will be challenged. Everything you
believe an ashram to be, will be challenged. Finally, everything you
believe the Guru to be, will be challenged.”

Therefore, I urge you all to not be affected by the rumors which are
circulating around the ashram at this time. Stick to your goal and be

I try to remind myself that I have no control over what people think or
say about me. I can only strive to do right as I know in my heart.


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