The Bizarre Fringe Agenda and Hidden Identity of Leading Gail Tredwell Supporter Bronte Baxter

It turns out that Gail Tredwell’s book Holy Hell was edited in part by Jessi Hoffman, a professional ghostwriter and editor, aka Bronte Baxter. As Bronte Baxter, Hoffman has been one of the leading promoters of Gail’s book and Gail’s agenda. But let’s take a look at Hoffman’s agenda.  According to her own Splinter in the Mind blog, Hoffman believes that all the gods and goddesses of Hinduism and other religions are actually alien beings, and that Amma is a very powerful demonic entity working with these alien beings and with the United Nations to devour human souls and to take over the world. These bizarre beliefs appear to be what motivates Hoffman’s obsession with trying to destroy Amma’s reputation (she’s also obsessed with fighting the United Nations and avoiding getting a microchip implant.)
Check out this blog to learn more:

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  1. Over a year ago, when I first heard that Gail was writing a book, a ‘scandalous’ book, about her time with Amma, and people were telling me she was publishing things online, I tried to google her – but no matter how I phrased my search – for example, Gayatri + book – I kept getting a website by someone named Bronte Baxter! I kept thinking, Who is Bronte Baxter? I even thought she might be Gail using a pseudonym. I’m just writing this to show that this is not something someone has just ‘made up’ or pulled out of a hat to support opposition to Gai’s book. This was a year or so ago, and every time I searched for Gail, I got ‘Bronte Baxter’!

  2. I knew it.

    And finally it is out.

    Ever since the article in the Rolling Stone last year, when I stumbled across Bronte Baxter aka Stephanie Brail (!), it was clear to me that Gail Tredwell had kind of “fallen into the wrong hands”, so to speak.

    I did not feel it was good to state such assumptions publicly. But with this revelation, now I can say it openly. The RS article, especially the comments section, is full of hints of this sort.

    There are a few other people also, openly on a crusade-like “fight” against anything and everything that seems even remotely Indian and having to do with a guru. On Gail’s FB page they can easily be spotted.

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