Gail Tredwell Lied About Me: A Letter from Prakash

We received this from Prakash (it has been translated from Malayalam). Gail Tredwell included a story involving him in her book, Holy Hell.

My name is Prakash. I came to know that in a recent book published by a Gail Tredwell [titled “Holy Hell”] she alleges that I have delivered money to Amma’s room. This is a blatant lie. Under no circumstance have I ever delivered money to Amma’s room in the past or present. That being the case, I don’t understand why Gail dragged my name into a story fabricated by her emotionally unstable mind. This is utter cruelty. A criminal offense.

– Prakash

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4 replies

  1. This is Lola. I would like to leave this comment about Gail.
    Just like I could not sit and watch someone cut down an ancient tree, a tree that remains silent as it is being chopped down, I have to become the voice for this tree. This ancient tree that has provided shelter, food, shade, water, our very life…our breath is now trying to be cut down and of course being the very Earth Herself, She is patient and loving and accepts all that is being done to Her. I can not bear to witness abuse to Our Beloved Mother who is more than this physical body. It seems to me that this is what you have lost sight of, that Amma is so much bigger than you can even imagine. Countless times Amma has shown me this and I am sure you have memories of this as well. Please stop…reflect and listen, you are poisoning actually your very own self. Remember that it takes so many years to grow an Ancient tree and only a second to destroy that very tree that you use to love so much! This tree that gave you life…She is always waiting with Her branches open to receive us, all you have to do is to open your arms. You will never be able to cut down this Ancient tree. How can you cut down the very foundation that the tree stands upon, Her roots which are forever rooted in Dharma. Amma says Her children are Her strength…and I am proud to be Her child and to stand in a ring around this Ancient tree and to find the strength to stand there and protect Her…The one that gave us life.
    May the tree of our life be
    Firmly rooted in the soil of love
    May good deeds be the leaves on that tree
    May words of kindness form its flowers
    May peace be it’s fruits let us grow and unfold as one family united in love

  2. I am ammas devotee from 1984 (29 yrs) and had been an inmate for 7 years. I had to leave asram for taking care of my mother. In all these years, I have been closely associated with amma , and our swamis. I am no one to criticize “Gail tredwell” when I consider her association with amma as the most luckiest disciple to grow under ammas physical presence. But as and when I read some of her pointers to amma , I couldn’t stop myself from writing this reply.
    It is quite natural to get frustrated to lose the most prestigious and auspicious “kingdom of spirituality”, to whom all spiritual aspirants look forward to attain. All problems occur when a disciple get confused to identify his goal from the other fatal attractions like , “best position in asram, obsession on ammas physical presence, etc etc “.. It is very dangerous when we do not identify the signs given by amma.
    Life with Amma is the most heavenly as well most toughest. It is easy to fall off from the “path”, if we forget the goal, if we are not serious about the hardships. As far as I know gayathri akka , from a distance, it is as simple to describe that she failed in passing the “fatal attractions”. It is also easy to say anything with our loose tongue and Only amma knows how far a spoiled child can flee . It is quite normal to become “abnormal”, when we are not mature enough to realize our mistakes and it becomes quite comfortable to put all blames on the ever smiling amma.
    I have read in literatures that, In presence of lord sri Krishna , lust of gopis were transformed to pure love. There is no other option for lust, other than to change its form to pure love..Millions of ammas devotees have realized amma as srikirshna . As per Gail tredwell’s reference to all “lust stories”, I would say that, if there is any place devoid of lust is , it is only Ammas Lap. Ammas immense power and godliness transforms all negative instincts to purity. And that only AMMA can do .

    Rehana Raj

  3. Clearly she has joined hands with negative forces n lost her sanity n clarity of mind. No point in talking about dharma to such people. They ve gone far ahead of this discrimination. Oh god..May there be enough intelligence n strength in people not to believe them n may this nonsense come to an end.

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