What Is Gail Tredwell’s Real Face?

“Amma is like a river; she simply flows. Some people take a bath in the river. Others quench their thirst by drinking its water. There are people who come to swim and enjoy its water. Yet, there are people who spit in it. Whatever happens, the river accepts everything and flows unaffected, embracing all that come to its fold.”

This is an excerpt from a video I’ve had in my collection for quite sometime. It was filmed just a year or two before Gail Tredwell, a.k.a. Gayatri, a.k.a. Swamini Amritaprana, left Amma’s ashram. Gail sounds legitimately touched and inspired by Amma and Amma’s ability to inspire the best in people. Was that all really an act? It’s hard to tell which Gail Tredwell is the real Gail Tredwell. How many masks does she have? She wears this one so convincingly.

Over the years I have heard so many stories of what Gail was really like. I am sure many of you have your own experiences to share. Have a story to tell? Send it to the ammascandal AT gmail DOT com.

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3 replies

  1. Allegation mentioned by Gail is totally false. If it was true she would have made it public immediately, not after many many years.
    My family and myself are devotees of Amma for more than 32 years.
    Amma and the Ashram are doing many many humanitarian activities for the upliftment of
    the poor and downtrodden, which is known worldwide. It is very disheartening to note that a mad woman like Gail is mentioning something now which is totally wrong and unacceptable.

  2. This lady named Gail has fallen from her path of Spirituality due to her wicked vasanas( tendencies) . She should have been quiet and lived like any ordinary persons on earth and tried to do sadhana again but instead totally took to completely wrong direction. Now she has proved her madness to the whole world by wiriting such a book on Amma whom anyone on earth can come and meet and study what amma is doing for the world even now. She needs intense psychiatric treatment . In the life of all mahatmas such people do exist who either try to kill of defame the mahatma. Budha was tried to be killed many times. Christ was crucified. Allegations occured against Yogananda paramahamsa, againts Remana Maharshi and many more. This is one such from madness orginated from frustrations of the ego. Let amma itsef show her the way to know her true self in many janmas. Who ever has participated in preparing and publishing this book also will incur lot of sins and will have bad experiences in their lives for amma is prakriti, mother nature. Prakriti will teach all these people who propragates falsehood, untruth and confuse other people unnecessariy. This will not be tolerated by mother nature & her children like me. This will definitely have its effect. May amma bless her and others who are supporting her to come back to normal state from their total mad state. Aum Nama Shivaya.

  3. bad cannot rule..
    bad cannot overpower the good..
    you will have to change..
    if you want to live positively..you will have to change..

    gail dont get into the jail of your negativities!!

    come out of it..
    you will feel much better..

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