Welcome to “The Amma Scandal”

Welcome. It’s likely that you have arrived here because you’ve heard some of the rumors, scandals and allegations of fraud regarding Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi) and her charitable organizations. So have we. This blog represents our search for the truth.

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  1. Thank you for this blog!

  2. Thank you for this blog and your work!

  3. There are many blogs falsely spreading wrong news about amma.
    Thank you for clearing the doubts.

  4. Aum amriteshwariye namaha. amma bless you.

  5. Wow …Great blog…You have a fan and admirer! Keep those posts coming up on top!

  6. Thank you so much! Om Amriteswariye namaha!! Gunaja

  7. Thanks for this blog…. Great job!!!

  8. Gail Trenwell sending her first and only book for print and Amazon takes over to release it to the public.
    She may have the freedom to express what ever she wanted but to discredit or defame is going beyond decency, this is a crime.

    Gail who had been part of the ashram on her own will and was given responsible position. Overtime, probably, she wanted quit and go and leave in the world somewhere.
    But instead of going her own way – now decides to accuse the ashram and the people within.

    What gain is it for Gail in doing so?
    It is quite plain and simple, that her ego started flaring up and she wanted to display her innocence..
    She wants to show that she was kept in the ashram against her free will and that all the people in the ashram are ruthless.

    But the only thing Gail did not think, when writing the book is that this ashram and the people within are there to serve the people. They do not work for an income or personal benefits.

    Every act or work,be it; to provide food, clothing, shelter, pension, scholarship, healthcare or serve the poor, disaster victims and may more – it is all service to humanity.

    So, how can Gail claim to be a victim?

    Either, she was there to serve society or she had her own mission.
    When she found that her agenda was not working, she decided to quit the ashram.

    She probably, wrote this book to defend her ego and the reason for quitting the ashram. The lies, distorted facts and wild imagination are all due to her depressed mind. She may possibly be having Bipolar disorder.

    Bipolar disorder is characterized by up-and-down episodes of mania and depression. During a manic phase, some patients can have a total break from reality. a symptom of the disorder, is a high-energy state in which a person feels exuberant but hasn’t lost his or her grip on reality. A person’s mood can be elevated, they may have a lot of energy and creativity, and they may experience euphoria. This is the “up” side of bipolar disorder that some people with the condition actually enjoy—while it lasts.

  9. Great work 🙂

  10. Have been reading this site,good show,but more for our pain in heart,than Mother needing any defense .We ,whose lives have changed forever by Love given by Mother who ,in her compassion and kindness ,has given unconditionally.
    Mother will not need this defense,as She has remained true to Her Self.
    It’s the rest who are awakened by her love,feel so strongly wanting to explain or counter propose.
    The persons who think and try harming Mother are,in real sense end up just hurting them selves .Hatred and bitter vindictive revenge is corrosive and self destructive.Perhaps in this case ,the anger and misery of despair in Life not fulfilling, what was desired has turned itself on to one self,to hurt everybody.
    Or so it seems.Tragedy and strange that it took almost two decades to write ,a very poorly written narrative,lacking basic expressive skills,and distorted ,unconfirmed stuff.
    Actualy nobody,but the person who has felt that much anger and hurt,in the end will remain more so,unless the experiences are assimilated and accepted .
    I for one have received ,undeserving Love from Mother,and feel I can never return anything near to it,to Mother or the rest of the world.
    Mother gave me My Self back to me,if not for this,I will be in a Void.
    Not knowing how to receive Love is more worse than not able to giving it,and if one is not able to receive ,then how can it be given?
    I feel sad to see this person,who wrote the Book Holly Hell,so lost,and having so many years of life burn up in Anger n Unrest in heart.
    Even if subjectively the experience is felt as real,but not able to get out of self created or other wise darkness,is truly sad waste of precious life,and the story is sad,does not show any maturity ,even by simple life feelings ,let alone spiritual sense .
    Love on its on will never be affected by any thing ,and Mother is just that All Love

  11. I thank each of the writers in this blog for sharing with us your experience of Gail and your experience with Amma. It is clarifying to say the least. I am deeply appreciative.

  12. 1. Hell in all religions is a place for intense painful experiences to happen to work out the bad deeds of a person. Hell cannot be blamed for that torture. In Hindu parlance, one will be thrown out of hell, when the karma is mature. It’s not eternal. Anyway, it indicates that some thing was wrong with the person there, not the hell itself.
    2. Wondering what prompted Gail, an adventurous westerner who is always free, to stay in that Hell by her own will for 20years, if the experience is truly unpleasant. Her video just before leaving make us really confused about her state of mind.
    3. Personally I wont bother about the personal life of my parents, teachers and Masters. If I am angry at them should I graphically narrate all those seemingly seen or suspected or personally enjoyed and make it public after 14years?
    4. The karma involved is quite heavy, and I pray that Gail may regret and withdraw the immature assault on a respected organization, where hundreds
    live happily and serving the world.

  13. Amma will forgive and forget attack on her but it will difficult for her to do the same when her devotees are attacked. Similarly the devotees may tolerate attack on themselves but will they tolerate attack on their Master?

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